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Have a go at making Bean Can Bongos!

This is our last activity for the summer holidays – this week, make your own bongo drums out of bean cans! Bongos are percussion instruments with two drums. They are played by tapping and hitting them with your hands. You can make your own bongo drums with recycled and everyday materials! Here’s how…

Make a Mini Zine

This week’s Sound Explorers Activity is to make a mini zine about anything you’re interested in and there are no rules for making it! Sound Artist Sam Topley made one about one of her favourite sound explorers, Delia Derbyshire. What topic will you choose? Have you discovered an inspiring gadgeteer or subject in the SummerContinue reading “Make a Mini Zine”

Free creative package for children in care across Staffordshire

This summer, Staffordshire Libraries are working with the Staffordshire Virtual School to offer a unique Creative Explorers package for children & young people in care across Staffordshire. For Staffordshire’s looked after children only, we have a unique ‘Creative Explorers’ package available – over the summer holidays, visit one of these *libraries and ask for yourContinue reading “Free creative package for children in care across Staffordshire”

Creating Story Sound Effects

Have a go at creating sound effects for the stories you are reading – here are some ideas -from buzzing bees, crackling fire to slime and galloping horses! What sounds can you make? Create your own sound effects

Make a Loo Roll Kazoo

Check out a fun activity to do at home with #SoundExplorers and make your own sound making instrument out of loo roll!! A kazoo is a musical instrument that turns your voice into a fun buzzy sound. Here’s what to do…. Make a Loo Roll Kazoo

Design a New Musical Instrument!

Have a go at designing a new musical instrument! Many instruments are still being invented today. Lots use technology to make sound, like computers and electronic circuits. These instruments can produce many different sounds, allowing us to make exciting new music! Have a go at designing your own! – Design a New Musical Instrument!


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