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CreateSpace is a combined arts project supporting adults to find time to be creative in their everyday lives. The programme has been developed by Creative Health with Galleries, Museums and Libraries in Walsall, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Staffordshire. The project is funded through an award from Arts Council England, National Lottery Project Grants Scheme.

Staffordshire Libraries worked with partners Creative Health and Artists Phil Duckworth and Ben Sadler at Juneau Projects to set up a creative social group on Facebook during the Covid-19 Lockdown.

Adults living in the Staffordshire area were invited to join the group and take part in weekly creative activities carried out in their own time at home. Below is a resource of these activities available to download:

Staffordshire Past, Present and Future

Different Selves

Staffordshire Pottery

Staffordshire Knots

Staffordshire Strategy Cards



House Plants

Looking Up

Paint & Mixed Media

Introduction to Watercolours

Paper Cutting

Daily Activity – Sound Around You

Daily Activity – Sculpture

Daily Activity – Create Your Own Art Cards

Create Space Art Cards

As part of the CreateSpace project a series of ‘Art Cards’ have been produced. These cards have shorter creative activity suggestions on them to encourage taking time out of the daily routines to be creative.
Visit Creative Health CreateSpace Resources to view Art Cards.

CreateMore Space Activities
Make Your Own Bird of Paradise

1. Draw a silhouette in pencil of your favourite bird.

2. Fill the silhouette with drawings of your favourite things and outline your drawings with a pen. You can use words too!

3. Rub out your pencil silhouette and colour your drawings in.

4. Share your bird with someone or share it with us and we’ll add it to our gallery!
Share Your Work

If I Were a Bird…

If I Were a Bird…

What would I do?

Sing a song? See a friend? Cosy up in my nest with a good book?

On a blank card or postcard sized piece of paper, draw yourself as a bird and write what you would do. Then you could post your card to someone to brighten their day!

More activities:

Creative Tools

Pencil Olympics

Leaf Collage

Share your work!

We hope you enjoy the activities and are pleased with what you have made – why not show your art work in our Homepage Gallery? Follow these simple steps to share with us

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